Tir Nan Beo
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Conquest of these lands can only mean one thing, arrogance mixed with stupidity. Who offers his people for a land in horror? Who leads his men bleed in this blood thirsty land? Is it a game, or a stroke of genius? Ard Ri Bull sends his emissary to a land nobody wants, because he wants to show force to those surrounding it. If he can conquer this, he can conquer everything. Perhaps the stories from Culhaven are not so spontaneous, but are in fact words of distraction. He once was a black shield, one of those who raided these lands and stripped it from all resources. Are we to believe that the lands have changed all that? Are we to believe that this conquest is a show of blessed fortune? Is this champion of his here for doing well, or is he fevered with thoughts of personal glory. The fact that the Nervii have taken a knee shows promise of fevered dreams of mindless glory without any thought of consequence. The Frisii is a different story. Knowing them they have shielded their true intentions behind the laughter's of their women and the yellow of their shields. Hmmm, they are cleaver those Frisii and then the Menapii. Obviously outnumbered and without any hope for victory. Why have they agreed upon this king Oswald. They were saved in their forest. Why invite blood into your houses. Word travels that the Norse fought for dominance and lost. Now they are renamed and have taken their shame very seriously. They have Berserkers who are fighting with the powers of the earth. But the earth in TNB is filled with a darkness, blackness and full of hatred. If ever they knew whose power they used.

We are surrounded by armies and are festering inside. We must make a choice. Do we align with the Ard Ri of Cullhaven, or shall we wait for this King Oswald to brighten the forests and slay all the evil which darken it. Shall we look to the north for Alliances, or are they to far away. It is difficult. To what hand do we deliver our children. What justice suits us most? What leader shall ignore us the most? Long have we remained separate from all the wars and troubles surrounding us? We paid off with armour and weapons and occasional warriors famed as brave and loyal bodyguards. Once, between the rivers, we had little to fear from others, but in the new lands of Tir nan Beo, we also must choose a path. Our skilled crafters worry for their trade, fearing that some leaders will take it all away without the right coin. Our army will have to serve others far away to fight for other men's glory. We would be diminished, lesser. Our choice must be that of Ard Ri Bull, not directly, but through this King Oswald. If we must fight, then let it be in our lands. If we must die, let us die so our kin can honour us close by. Perhaps trade can be expended to the south. Yes, we shall bow before the lesser evil and be done with it.

The people have spoken and agreed. Not for reasons the leaders thought off, but because they wanted to fight for their lands and if that mend fighting along strangers then so be it. Crafters have begun making armour and weapons for this new purpose of our peoples. Let these weapons and armour tell of our people, of our standards. Why make a home from wood, when you can quarry Stone. Why make a simple armour or weapon, when you can elevate it with art and gold. Life is not about survival, but to live it to the best of your abilities. If one looks at you, one must know what it sees. Actions are just moments in time, how you live is how you shall be judged. Our warriors must make their own gear and even when they fight as champions, we only release them to bloody war, when they finished something resembling their feats. We are neither shieldwall, nor skirmisher. We are both. We are champions of men, not for glory or for fame, but because that is what we strive to be. Bards must only tell that what is true, not what is glorified. I fit is glory you want we will point you to our neighbours, if it is fame you lust for, we shall point you to a lying bard, but if you truly want a champion, born a raised to serve a greater good, then we welcome you.

Our leaders have seen the threat around us and though we do not know the heart of this king Oswald, we choose to serve him. Our people however must believe in better things than threats and trickery. They should be allowed to live for better days and better goals and as such they have chosen King Oswald, for his goal seems to be to ride the World of evil…. For now.

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