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Camping Rules

Klik hier voor de Camping Regels in het Nederlands


  • You are allowed to park your car near your tent at the First field of grass you will see after arriving. Please make sure there is enough space for tents and cars by parking your car on a logical spot.
  • Cars are allowed towards time-in camp for unloading.
  • At our main event your car isn't welcome at our Time-In camp between 19.00 Friday and 16.00 Sunday.

Oc camp:

  • Oc tents are not allowed in the Time-In area. We will make a field for oc tents and cars.
  • IC tents are of course allowed in the oc camp for oc camping.
  • Please be quiet after midnight around the oc camp as we all need sleep.

Rubish & Trash:

  • Your rubish/trash is your responsibility, you take care ot it and clean it up.

Time-In camp:

  • In our Time-In Camp there are only Time-In tents allowed. We want the camp to be 24/7 Time-in. That means that if you want to eat in the Time-In camp you have to make sure you won't be using plastic bottles etc.


  • A campfire is only allowed at the campfire spot on the site.
  • We are allowed to make some cooking fires. Make sure these fires are on a platform, such as a metal sheet on four bricks and away from any tents. We don't want to trash the site for we need our good contacts to make sure we will be allowed a next time.
  • It is possible that open fire is not allowed because of extreme dry weather. We will try to keep you all up to date about the fire codes.

Alcohol, drugs, etc.:

  • For drinking the same rules apply as in the rest of Holland.
  • No drinking or drugs under 16!
  • We do not allow drugs.
  • Don't fight while drunk!
  • Please make sure you do not have to be ashamed of yourself next morning.
  • If your drunk behavior is as such that our refs need to put extra effort in your drinking problem we don't welcome you on our next event.


  • You will have to take care of your own food.


  • 0 – 16: Please contact organization to ask if you can bring your child. If we allow you to bring your child, your child can come with a parent/adult, may not fight or be allowed near a battle, and must have full time supervision.
  • 16 – 18: You can come and crew/fight as long as you have parental accompaniment.
  • For kids count the same rules as for adults. Everything is at your own risk, in this case: the risk is for the parents.


  • Refs will have the last say in discussions in the IC game as well as it comes to OC rules.
  • You can contact refs with all your questions.

Here follow the combat safety rules.

  1. 1) Man Down. If someone shouts this it means there is a real injury. If you hear it being shouted go sit on the ground. The action stops immediately. The one close to the one injured stand up with his/her hands in the air so our first-aider can easily see where assistance is needed. The game does start again when a ref calls 'Time in'.
  2. 2) Pull your blows. This means do not hit people with your full force, but instead over-emphasise your blow so they look hard but are in fact reasonably soft.
  3. 3) Do not stab with a weapon unless you know it is stab-safe.
  4. 4) Avoid head or groin blows. Some might happen by accident but never intend them.
  5. 5) In fighting, avoid body contact, wrestling, grappling, barging, offensive shield use etc. Some of the more experienced crew and players will occasionally do all of the above, but this is because they have been doing this a long time and know how to do it safely.
  6. 6) No fighting while drunk or under the influence of anything.
  7. 7) Arrows need to be checked by refs! Always check arrows (heads and flights) before use.
  8. 8) Wooden shields are not allowed. We use foam shields only. (this changed since last time)
  9. 9) Self made weapons must be checked by refs!

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