Tir Nan Beo


On 9 - 10 - 11 November 2018 we will organize our second main event for this year! Booking opens at Wednesday 19 June 2018 at 20.00 Hrs. (CET - Dutch time)!
Please see our event page for more details!

Tir Nan Beo is a Live Action Role Playing event (LARP)in the Netherlands. Our setting is set in the old Celtic, Norse and Germanic Mythology. Our game sets between the late prehistoric ages and the early Dark Ages. We want roleplay and not ruleplay. We want players to be special by virtue on how they act and not because some rule or special skill makes them so. With the exception of the Wyrd rules (our magic) it is a "if you can do it, you can do it" system.

We want the game to look as if it were real. We are not a history group, but we do want it to look real. If you are used to other, more cosmopolitan LARP systems, or fantasy tabletop, you might find Tir Nan Beo costuming a bit of a culture-shock and you will need to think carefully about making sure that your kit, fits our setting.

Until last Main Event in 2014 player places were restricted to invitation only and crew was open for all. We now believe that our core players and crew can sufficiently help newcomers, so from now on everybody can come and play. We do state that we have high standards when it comes to kit, but believe that research on your side and help from ours should be sufficient enough to get you on the right track.

We have had many new crewmembers since we began and can honestly say that they were a great asset to our already great crew. If you come to crew, we will provide everything you need to get you going. Crewing is still the best way to get yourself acquaint to our mythical world of myths and legend and crewing is a lot cheaper compared to playing.

Our goal is to provide a world of dark and mythical atmosphere, were everybody tries to enrich the setting with hard fighting and great acting. Together we are responsible for our setting, so come and join us and let us show you our World.

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