Tir Nan Beo
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New Rules

The rules are based on the ruleset of Dumnonni UK. Click here to download the Dumnonni Rulebook

Dumnonni UK has announced that their rulebook will be published in a beautiful format.

There are only a few minor changes that are applicable due to the location, clans, gods, etc. High lights can be found at the player and crew pages

There are a few basic rules that are applicable for the events, and that are the sizes of the Benelux player clans. Benelux players characters must make a choice out of six clans, there are no other possibilies!!!

Clan sizes:

Main event: The maximum Benelux players clan size is 10 players
Specials: The maximum Benelux players clan size is 5 players

  • Remember: Tir Nan Beo is 18+ (16+ for crew with a participating parent)
  • The First few paid with the requested information send by e-mail are the ones playing: ( see our booking info how to book on our website http://www.fam-holsbergen.nl/cl/bookings.php )
  • You subscribe for yourself, even if your partner is paying! (but your partner can forward your e-mail because you need to work etc.)
  • We work with a waiting list! This means that when someone drops out, the next on the list will play. You cannot decide for yourself who takes your spot.
  • Everybody and we mean everybody must personally give his or her written approval for the participation rules we have set for everybody. This also goes for ALL crew. Without this consent you are not allowed to play at TNB events.
  • On our specials we allow a Total of 15 players, and a maximum of 5 of one clan ( thus in theory 3 clans can have all the player spots).
  • On our Main Event we allow a maximum of 40 Dutch players, with a maximum of 10 players of one clan (thus in theory 4 clans can have all the player spots). Dutch players include the Nervii Kelmomantrix and the Usipetii, even while both clans cannot be chosen when you start a new character without their consent.
  • You can only book a campfire spot if you have an enlisted character by either Dumnonni UK or Tir Nan Beo. This means you have to be booked in one of these events. This event is without crew and refs will only be there for event responsibility.
  • Because of too many Wyrd-users in a warrior based system we have decided for an allround wyrd-stop. This means that no new character can begin as a fully Wyrd-user character. New characters with aspirations to become one may begin as something in the process, but without the use of Wyrd ! Wyrd should support the warrior society and we already fear for the balance as it is now.
  • All UK players are welcome to play at any Event and have no restrictions in player slots.
  • We do NOT allow Dutch players to play anything else then Nervii, Tir Nan Beo Norse, Batavii, Frisii, Menapii or Usipetii on our events. This is because our game is based on the politics and lives of the clans in Tir Nan Beo.
  • If you are a foreigner and have not yet played at our events and have a great idea for something new, then please contact us.
  • On our events the spoken language is English!
  • We expect that everybody abids the Law and Regulations, if you cross the law we will inform authorities accordingly.
  • Last remember well that we are a warrior based setting. We shall rock you, bash you and fight you all we can, even when warriors are few and wyrd-users are many. We will not compromise our Warrior society for the likes of them!

TNB Guideline & Clan downloads

Please download either the guideline or each specific clan info booklet to get the specific details per clan:
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