Tir Nan Beo
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TNB Setting

  Here is some information that your character might know off. Keep in mind to what Clan you belong and understand that you only know your clan part and what you have learned in the game itself.


  Tir nan Beo is a small piece of land lying in the Realm of the setting of the Dumnonni Chronicles, an UK organisation that runes his events for many a years. Though some of us have played there it was due to the events of Bart Holsbergen character Oswald that the TNB events began to take form. His character was given land and that was the start of the Dutch spinoff of this setting.

Dumnonni Chronicles is one of longest running settings in LRP history and has a long history of fine referee's and organisers. We were Lucky to find them eager and helpful to help us join there setting. Although TNB is separated in storylines, the stories are mixed between the settings. Why this is is simple. The referees of England come over to play in our setting and thus we cannot discuss the plots and storylines for it would ruin their game. Because we are a very small piece of land within their setting we have made our TNB setting a standalone idea. We have come up with reasons why this lands are not occupied by Fomor, or other clans and our play is concentrated on TNB and we strive to make our events on such a level that only stories have to travel from one setting to the other.

We play with the Rules of Dummnoni Chronicle's and when they change the rules (as they are going to on short notice) we change with them. We have our own team of refs who we select on the believe that they see this setting and feel its atmosphere as we do. On our main events we receive lots and lots of gear from the UK so that we can enhance the feeling and play that we so loved in the UK. To receive such gear is a privilege and we pride ourselves for using it.


The Realm of Dummnonii

  The realm of Dummnonii is a realm in war. There is always conflict and those who survived through the ages have mastered their ways and have clustered to have numbers. These groups walk a dangerous line of everlasting war and peace and much blood is spilled constantly to satisfy the hunger for more land, for old hatred and forgotten oaths. Its history is too much to simply state, but if you are interested you can always look at the website of http://www.dumnonni.com and find out. What is important is that you know a little of these events and groups because of the bards that sing about it.

In the lands of Dumnonni sits the Ard Ri, the High King, of the free races. King Oswald, King of TNB, has pledged his life to him. The Ard Ri (named Bull) has given him the lands of TNB for his service in the battle against Balor of the Evil Eye, Great leader of the Fomor. The free races consist of many different clans that have aligned themselves under the banner of the Ard Ri Bull. The Ard Ri was a Black Shield, an infamous clan of warriors and raiders, but has been chosen by the lands to be their champion. This means that he will be High King for seven years after which he will return his body to the earth (he is sacrificed to the lands). The former Ard Ri was named Cascorach and he was the one that defeated Balor with the might of the free races.

There are a lot of enemies towards the free races, yet some are more obvious as other. There are many deals and oaths around that make sure that within the rules of hospitality friend and foe can still speak terms and politics. What is going on is there for a question that is time related and there for we advise you to as kit in the game to someone just coming from Culhaven.

Next to the Fomor, who leave us much in peace, and the Black shields we have other neighbours around us. There are the Ulaid from Ulster, one of the great tribes from Erin and there are the Connachta, led by their ever young and notoriously powerful and beautiful Queen Maeve. One of her daughters is married to King Oswald. Then there is the many coloured land in which many plain tribes live under the rule of Queen Brae. This Queen is said to have Shidhe and Fomor blood in her veins and is said to ward two of King Oswald's children.

Although the World goes on and on, especially for those who visit Culhaven, the World of TNB stands mostly on its own. What first to be considered a gift, slowly begins to look like and endless quest for conquest. King Oswald found that his lands are occupied with many different clans, only found in TNB. It seems that the gateways of TNB are unique in that they have found other lands through the mist that the other gateways have not found yet. How this is possible, non-know, but it is certain that the strange behaviour of wyrd in TNB has something to do with it. Be it so, the druids who have come to TNB have said that the flow of wyrd through the earth is not unnatural and as such they have no intention to change it, or even worry by it. If the wyrd is different than it is something the earth produces on its own and as such they must abide to it.


Tir Nan Beo

  Tir Nan Beo is a small coastal land on the North east of the Realm. It has few economical or even military promises. Its middle lands are forest, its borders to the north coastal and on the east there are the black marshes. TNB forests are dark and dangerous and due to the everlasting maddening influences of wyrd few great leaders have never shown interest in it. To the east lay the marshes and within it the prospect of Fomor warbands passing through. If the marshes don't kill you then their spears and ferocity would surely do so. For some reason try to avoid TNB and that is considered one of the few blessings the lands have provided. To the south lay the lands of the Blackshields. The Infamous formal rulers of TNB, who have proven to be anything but good landlords, they left a cursed land even more cursed and because of that they are mostly feared, but more likely hated.

There are few Gateways through which new inhabitants could enter through the mist and because of this the clans are few in number and could have never boasted any thread to the bigger worldly powers of men and Fomor until the war with Balor. Because of the war many of the other clans have suffered greatly and lost many a good warrior. If King Oswald could unite all the clans and bring unity to his lands TNB could become a powerful asset in the continuing wars against the enemies of the free races, to which King Oswald has pledged himself. His pledge means that all the clans falling under his banner are sworn through King Oswald to the Ard Ri of the free races.

The lands are tough to work with and food always seems scares. The clans have evolved little since their arrival and are at best a few generations old. War is always present as the clans are filled with hunger and old hatred towards each other in the old World. Many old songs are of legendary battles with the romans, though truth is told they lost much more then that they eventually won. Almost all the clans claim to have fought honourable against the romans, yet few believe this to be true. Some of these clans could have fled the battlefield, or even have struck a deal with the Romans to get out in one peace. Perhaps there was even betrayal, though few dare to think that way for honour lies deep in the minds of TNB. They might not always see it the same way, but most try to live honourable.

The biggest question has always been why the clans have not moved to some other strip of land. First of all most of the other land are marshes or occupied by Fomor or Black Shields. Then they would always be outnumbered, giving them little around hope for a worthy argument when dealing with others. But even so they could have walked the small stretch of land towards Culhaven and sought out an alliance, but they all didn't. Pride, hatred, or even foolhardiness has kept them one would say and looking at the standard TNB men they could certainly be right. Through generations this feeling of hatred to, and love for, their lands has grown in some stubbornness few others would understand. It is a stubbornness found in defeated men, who have taken a last stand and have chosen to life or die by it. But should this be reason enough. Secrets have been hidden in the tents and huts of the people. Secrets of dealings with creatures far worse than the neighbouring forces are rumoured to been struck. Promises made in dire need, oaths taken at spear point or perhaps even dealings that would dishonour a clan so badly that the shame would be enough to leave them at peace. Non speak of it and even the bards have not yet spoken of it, but whispers begin to form in words and because of the arrival of the Usipetii and the promise of support from Culhaven one could believe these words to be soon heard of.


The curse:

  Tir Nan Beo is called the cursed lands. This title is not a romantic way of telling that it is without love, no, TNB has earned its name. TNB is a cursed land, where darkness is thick and evil resides in the land itself. Why this is no one truly knows, though many have their opinions ready. The most famous is the curse of the Blackshields. From what bards have told they had many a conflict with the druids of TNB and are whispered to even have killed one. The latest tale is that one of them has taken it upon himself to redeem himself from this curse by doing all kind of things impressive enough to one day lift the curse.

The lands are also cursed, although the druids seem to have different opinions about it. Some say that there is something evil in the night, but others just say it is the earth expressing itself. What is common knowledge is that when the night comes, something is coming with it. All those with even hints of wyrd in them are struck by several afflictions, which go from mild sickness, to paranoia and even death. All wyrd users, even the druids, feel the darkness hunting them, although there is not one druid who has said it out loud. Priests seem to have the least trouble, but even their miracles seem to have taints of darkness. (For more info see the wyrd section on the website)

Then there are the more local curses, which, all together, mount an epic wall of things that should not have been so. Whispers of something old roaming through the great forest continue to bloom on every turn, though never have ever told tales as a witness and thus it's hard to tell the truth from gut feelings or ghost stories that are spread. Still in many stories lies truth, so in this one better heed the words. Is it a madness then, which spreads through TNB as an unwelcome guest, or is it worse than that? Perhaps the greatest prove of a curse is the fact that all the clans stay in TNB while it is common sense to just leave. Why this is, is a mystery, even for those with seeing eyes. TNB seems to have hold of them and nothing seems to be able to get loose from its grip.

Last there is the Kings Curse. A curse is now spreading as a disease. Where he comes he seems to lift spirits, even bring hope, when he leaves the darkness seems to close faster than it was before. Druids say Oswald brings something of the earth with him and that his presence changes something, but never have they given reason why he should or should not be here. They stay, as ever, neutral.



  TNB is a realm of war, just as bad as the next country. King Oswald has united six clans under his banner, yet more stay unconquered. The realm is small compared to the lands hold by the free races, or Maeve, or Fomor, yet within it there seems to be more hate and loathing then the great realm combined. There must be a reason why none of the greater powers have ever wanted these lands and even the Blackshields, in the end, went away. These lands are filled with war and few can master peace longer then a child learning how to fight.

Since last year there are now six clans united under the banner of King Oswald, yet these clans have not buried their hatred towards each other. Frisii and Nervii fight constantly, even under the banner off overall peace and this is the same for the rest of the realm. Where King Oswald or his chieftains walk there is mutual goal, but as soon as they leave the old wounds begin to fester again. If something would help Oswald then it would be all out war. That way his clans would not have the time or resources to fight each other again. At first his goal was simple, but more and more he loses time in bringing order to his pledged clans. To conquer further he has to send his chieftains in new land to gain alliances or to solve issues. It is a delicate gamble, for many of his chieftains have own agenda's and not all of them have mastered the art of coexisting next to each other, but Oswald must, if he wants progress in his quest.

Though not many have seen them there are Fomor in the realm, but mostly small warbands. They seem to search for something, yet they have spoken to none about it. Furthermore there have been many fights with a different kind of Fomor. They are more swamp coloured and have appeared out of nowhere. Chieftains believe that should they muster their numbers could be enough to assault more than one clan at once.



  • Just recently they were at war with the Frisii, but since Oswald they try to obtain his will
  • They are at war with the Aryans and the TNB Fomor


  • Just recently they were at war with the Batavii and Nervii, but since Oswald they try to obtain his will
  • They are at war with the Aryans, the TNB Fomor and the Semnones


  • Just recently they were at war with the Frisii and the Menapii, but since Oswald they try to obtain his will
  • They are at war with the Semnones and the TNB Fomor
  • They have a difficult peace with the Atribatii


  • Just recently they were at war with the Nervii, but since Oswald they try to obtain his will
  • They are at war with the Semnones, Aryans, the Cimbrii and the TNB Fomor
  • They have a lasting alliance with the Bructerii


  • Since their arrival with their King Oswald, they have found enemies in the Semnones and the TNB Fomor

The Tir Nan Beo Norse

  • Since they were formed they have declared war against the Semnones, the Aryans and the TNB Fomor

Non Player Clan info:



  Find themself more TNB ruler then any of the other tribes. Believe to be vastly superior to any of the other clans. They have a strong sense of honour and an eager heart to fight. The Chattii are reluctance to enter the lands of TNB as they fear the curse would fall upon them, but have little interest in the rest of the World as well, as they seem quite prosperous without it all.


  The Semnoness are a forest dwelling clan which, are relentless and in constant search for human sacrifices. They say they were once just like the Menapii or Bructerii, but nowadays they seem to have only conflict in mind. Some say there is honour left in them, but most just attacks them on site.


  The Atribatii are a clan who strongly believe in working together to overcome the threats of TNB. They do much to gain alliances and are mostly friendly unless you provoke them openly. The last rumour coming from the Atribatii is that sickness has struck them hard and that they send anyone back who wishes to come because of this mysterious sickness.


  The Atuatucii are known to be an honourable clan, yet have been at war for as long as they have entered TNB. Because of this they have little members and rely on other things to survive. Whispers speak of power within their ranks, but no real evidence of this has been spoken. The Atuatucii are at constant war with the Semnonones and the Aryans and some say their clan will soon be extinct.


  The Sicambrii are legendary clan in the old World and a mystical one in TNB. Few can say they met one. They are a secluded clan, who wish to be left alone. Even traders are not welcome in the lands. They are very honourable and are said to have very strong warriors. Anyone entering their lands without them inviting you is killed. Some say that their numbers are great and that they ready themselves for war.


  A forest dwelling clan which once lived as the Menapii did. Bards tell the tale of a Goddess who gave her blood out of gratitude to a woman of the Bructerii. It is said that that blood created a bloodline of oracles, which surpasses from mother to daughter. These oracles, called Veleda, have yet to fail, but are known to be very selective as to whom they speak to. Because of the Veleda most other clans have stopped waging war against them, and many of those worship the Veleda as if she were the Goddess herself.


  The Cimbrii live between TNB and the lands of the Ulaid and are known for the pride, stubbornness and sometimes strange look on honour. They are said to be hard warrior and especially their heavy infantry is praised in battle.


  The Teunonii are best known for their bravery. The best tale is that of their women who choose to kill themself and their children, before taking as slaves. If this would reflect on their warriors one would say to leave them alone. The Teunonii are a small clan, as they were almost wiped out before accidentally walking through the mist.


  The Aryans are forest dwellers who rely on the night to conquer their enemies. They are said to be wild beasts and without many human qualities. With their white masks they are aggressive warriors who rely on stealth and light armour. Some say the can see in the night, where others believe them be more Fae than men. What people do know is the terror they bring into the fight. Fear seems to be their most powerful weapon and they use it to their full advantage.

Sidhe and the Fae

  Forget about elves, forget about faeries. The mythical beings closest to the wyrd are not friendly beings in TNB. They say the wyrd has made them made and terrible. The dark powers that roam at night have altered them into vicious beings and strange, mad encounters. They generally have no interest in the World of men and are known to have strange ways of looking at honour, loyalty or friendship. The common sense is not to trust them and to avoid them if you can. They are tricksters and liars and the World would be a better place without them.

TNB Fomor

  Since a few years more and more Fomor are seen who differs from to the well-known Formorians of Dumnonnii. At first people believed it to be nothing more than small warbands, people now believe them to be a great danger. More and more of these Fomor are seen and little is known about them. A real Fomor can be expected to be honourable and true to his word, but from these Fomor we know little, besides their everlasting anger. Until know almost every clan is rumoured to have fought them and everybody hopes their aggression is enough to keep them clustering together, for if that happens that King Oswald will have his first true test of Faith.

The first year of King Oswald

  Before ever setting a foot on the soils of TNB King Oswald received the loyalty of the Nervii, the Menapii and at last the Frisii. A druid named Gall Heim sacrificed himself to clear an area from most of the curse. The gathering went quit well, though some things were discovered. The Menapii worshipped Fae to better their situation, yet had no knowledge of this trickery. The Fae were killed and the land took back what it had been denied and when the clans retreated to their villages the Menapii found themselves without their protectors and although they too were not happy they were tricked, the alliance between this Group of Menapii and the Fae had worked quite well.

The TNB Norse used the summer to break down their long ships and make houses before the winter. King Oswald was their new king now and they would do anything to regain honour. Although small they managed to ward of the TNB Fomor and prepare for winter and when winter was past they counted their survivors.

The neighbouring clans of the Frisii and Batavii have pledged themselves to King Oswald's course and although at first few understood why, it was seen as good news. The Batavii are known to be honourable and their crafters were seen as some of the best in TNB. The Batavii however brought with them news of the Aryans, who are becoming more and more aggressive. Soon they would come to the conquered lands of King Oswald and when they do, he better have more allies.

The latest rumours speak of the Veleda and her request to speak with King Oswald. Whether he will go is still unknown, but if he must have allies then it is wise to answer her call. He might have gained the oaths of six clans, but they have not pledged peace towards each other and King Oswald seems to have a daytime job to deal with it. Especially the Nervii seem to have found some new dream of Fame in the new alliance and seem to have given them the right to understand the will of King Oswald himself. The few Frisii who went to Culhaven have been rumoured to be more ambitious then they tend to show and rumour goes that the other Frisii are not happy because of it.

In all the lands of TNB are bussing with life, yet it is not the life people had hoped for. The curse is as strong as ever and the nights are filled with screaming. Wyrd seems to hunt anyone sensitive to the wyrd down and some say it is perhaps the will of the Gods to kill them, as their priests cope with the problem much better. King Oswald has tasked every clan to begin building shrines to their gods and ancestors, so he might gain help from them when the need is greatest.

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